Monday, September 20, 2010

Lab 2

After my second opportunity to tech m peers a certain skill, i decided to do something totally different than the first time.  Being put on the spot the firs time i picked a skill that came to my head.  This skill wasn't necessarily my strong point, so i decided to pick something i was better at, free throw shooting.  There was a huge improvement in my teaching skills from the first lab to the second.  For example i had no hook in lab 1 but in lab 2, i believe i won over my audience.  With the time that i was given i believe i did a good job a teaching the skill although there are some things i need work on.  Some things i wish i had done differently would be to walk around and give individualized feedback.  I think this is key to becoming a good educator because it makes the student feel special and they know that, that feedback is just for them.  Also i believe i could have been a little more organized.  I had so many activities running through y head but with only for minutes i just need to stick to the basics.  I am growing as a physical educator every day, and cant wait to view my progress next time!

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