Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lab B2

During Lab B2 I was very confident and with having the experience of the past two labs I felt very confident in the fact that i will execute everything I need to do. I started with a strong introduction and hook. My inspiration for my hook came from when i was home the weekend before. I returned home to see my high school football rivalry game. My high school team ran the power i formation 90 percent of the time and it made me think of the stack. They are both short yard plays to keep the ball or the frisbee moving up field. I thought this would be a good visualizer for my students.

One aspect of my performance that I was disappointed in was that once again I forgot to say my safety statement and my signal for attention. I feel like I am worrying to much on the actual tasks that I am going have to teach. I need to slow my thoughts down and remember to add those two very important aspects of teaching.

My demonstration was done efficiently but I only did one time. I gave them all of the cues and a good demo but just need to slow it down once for them and more than once. Some things I believe I did well was being confident throughout the whole lesson, and the debrief and reviewing my tasks.

I think that I improved tremendously since lab B1 and only hope to get better. I am working to try and better prepare myself for lessons because that is the most crucial part of teaching in my eyes. Always be ready to change tasks and have something else to do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lab B

       After i was done with lab B immediately I was aware of the things I had not done right during my lesson.  I feel that I am getting more and more comfortable every time I teach, but there are still many thing i need to review and get better at.  There is always room for growth and I am no exception.
       While reviewing my assessment sheet I noticed that i forgot to give a signal for attention.  This was a big mistake in my eyes because if my students don't have a signal then they wont know exactly when to stop and to start.  I also should have set my expectations and what exactly i expected from them.  The most important thing that i didn't do was a safety statement.  This should be my number one concern because if I don't keep my students safe then I wont have a job very long.  As for my demonstration of the skill.  My skill consisted of the backhand frisbee throw.  I showed a motion and made the mistake of not showing an example using one of the students.  What I should have done was to pick a student in the class and threw the frisbee to them and had them throw it back.  This would have showed all of the students how it was done and what i expected them to do until further instructions.  The thing i did do well in my demonstration was showed the motion in slow motion so the students were able to see the correct technique.
       Some thing I did well started with my introduction and my hook.  I was clear and concise on what I was teaching, who I was, and got them interested with using the game "Can-Jam" as a hook.  I made a poster board to show my cues which I believe really helped the students.  It gave them a chance to just peak over anytime they wanted to remember exactly how to trow the frisbee.  My voice throughout the lesson was firm and clear, but it could have been a little bit louder.
       Overall in lab B i made some mistakes but I learned a lot from this lesson.  I need to organize my thoughts and lessons better in the future so i don't forget t include important aspects of teaching a lesson. Like I said I am making progress everyday, cant wait to see where I will be after my 255 experience is over.