Friday, September 10, 2010

Video Games and exercising?

I know what your thinking and I was skeptical at fist too, but video games in exercise is growing rapidly through the United States.  With new technology like the Nintendo Wii the sky is the limit for gamers and health buffs out there.  After hearing about this in Professor Yang's class i was skeptical.  I didn't think that exercise and video games should ever be used in the same sentence.  My opinion quickly changed after really seeing what it as all about.  These video games give you a chance to work out from home and not have to leave your living room, tell me thats not convenient.  The thing about the new video game/exercise buzz is that it markets to almost everyone out there.  It can market to health buffs, couch potatoes, elderly, kids, disabled etc.  The kids should especially be using this product.  Parents throw out the games where your kids just mope in front of the television.  Get them excited about playing games that make them move, I will guarantee they love them and you will love there active lifestyle.  The most interesting point that Professor Yang made in my eyes was about helping disabled people.  It is hard for disabled people to go work out in a gym but from home and a nice workout to get your body moving can actually help these people and even help "cure" people.  Its hard to believe hat a video game can give you a workout but it can and i think everyone should try it at least once.

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