Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lab B

       After i was done with lab B immediately I was aware of the things I had not done right during my lesson.  I feel that I am getting more and more comfortable every time I teach, but there are still many thing i need to review and get better at.  There is always room for growth and I am no exception.
       While reviewing my assessment sheet I noticed that i forgot to give a signal for attention.  This was a big mistake in my eyes because if my students don't have a signal then they wont know exactly when to stop and to start.  I also should have set my expectations and what exactly i expected from them.  The most important thing that i didn't do was a safety statement.  This should be my number one concern because if I don't keep my students safe then I wont have a job very long.  As for my demonstration of the skill.  My skill consisted of the backhand frisbee throw.  I showed a motion and made the mistake of not showing an example using one of the students.  What I should have done was to pick a student in the class and threw the frisbee to them and had them throw it back.  This would have showed all of the students how it was done and what i expected them to do until further instructions.  The thing i did do well in my demonstration was showed the motion in slow motion so the students were able to see the correct technique.
       Some thing I did well started with my introduction and my hook.  I was clear and concise on what I was teaching, who I was, and got them interested with using the game "Can-Jam" as a hook.  I made a poster board to show my cues which I believe really helped the students.  It gave them a chance to just peak over anytime they wanted to remember exactly how to trow the frisbee.  My voice throughout the lesson was firm and clear, but it could have been a little bit louder.
       Overall in lab B i made some mistakes but I learned a lot from this lesson.  I need to organize my thoughts and lessons better in the future so i don't forget t include important aspects of teaching a lesson. Like I said I am making progress everyday, cant wait to see where I will be after my 255 experience is over.

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