Friday, December 17, 2010

Lab D Reflection

Surfs up everybody, are you ready to ride the wave?  This was my last and final lesson to teach during my 255 experience and I was assigned to the pool.  This was by the far the hardest lesson for me to plan but I ended up coming with my own game called Flutter Kick Football.  It is a game basically designed around the flutter kick stroke.  I believe I put all my efforts into this lab and it showed throughout my lesson.  This lab  I hit everything i needed to hit including my safety statement signal for attention and feedback.  the only thing I forgot to do was to introduce myself! Hey but after awhile of teaching the same class I guess you don't have to introduce yourself every time.

Some things I believe I need to work on would be my feedback.  although you can see by looking at my FEEDBACK ANALYSIS FORM I gave a good amount of feedback but there is always room for improvement in this area.  Also during my lesson I noticed that I turned my back to the class to grab a poster board filled with all the cues the students needed to know for the day.  This was a mistake because as I learned you never turn your back on the class no matter what.  I thought abut that a lot after the lesson and it makes sense.  Kids are kids and if you leave them unoccupied for even a minute things could get out of hand.  These are thing I will work hard to improve on in my quest to becoming a physical educator.

Some things I believe that went well for me during my lesson was always keeping the class active.  If you look at my TIME CODING SHEET, you will notice that the class was never sitting still and was always active.  Also if you look at my CONENT DEVELOPMENT FORM you will see tat in my lesson I stuck to a lot of cues and would really like to incorporate more challenges in my lessons.  I believe that students need to be challenged in order for them to learn.  This will also stimulate their thinking in the other classes.

Check out my lesson:

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